Storyline You won the battle, but I will win the war

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  1. *Jack Lux walks out to his music clearly showing signs of his match, however he also has a shit eating grin on his face as he rolls into the ring.*

    Jack Lux: Last night... Last night I lost. I'm not making any excuses, Braeden Cross you beat me. *Lux gives Cross a slow clap.* Funny thing is and maybe lost in the shuffle, but our it wasn't an I Quit match. It was set for one fall. Now I would have won the match had it have been any I Quit match, but it wasn't which kind of makes me mad. I'll get back to that though. Back to you Braeden, you brutalized me. *Lux chuckles* In fact I barely got any offence in, however I've said and I'll say it again, I... Am... Undying!

    *The crowd cheers*

    Jack Lux: You knock me down, but you can bet ass I'll get back and fight even harder! You didn't take me to my limit last night, not even close. All you did was hold my shoulders down for three little seconds. So with that being said, I'm throwing out challenge right here right now. You versus me at Retribution, but this time it will an I Quit match. Oh and to make sure that it is an I Quit match Braeden not only do I want you out here, but I want the IWT GM and new World Champion Micheal.

    *Lux leans on the ropes while waiting for both men to come out.*

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  2. Lux about to swoop in and become the #1 Contender for the World title.
  3. You know it bro:woo1:

  4. Braeden Cross walks onto the stage to a chorus of boos.
    Braeden Cross: Y'know Jackyboy, going into Survival, I had something to prove, I had to prove to you that I wasn't somebody to fuck with, and I'd like to think I did that with such a dominant display of aggression and power. Just seeing your body convulse as you went crashing through that announce table made me really proud. Now, I realise something, now you have something to prove. You have to prove that you can hang with somebody as fucking ruthless as I am. You have to prove that you can beat someone like me, actually, I bet you couldn't even beat I Got Beat By Ryan Davis! You're winless... You're 0-2 in IWT and you're fucking pathetic.
    The crowd boos and chants "fuck you Braeden"
    Braeden Cross: You stay classy IWT fans! You stay classy! But you know Jack, you bring up a great point, we were talking about an I Quit match and it got changed to one fall.... Michael, IWT Management, whoever the fuck runs this shit, At the next IWT event, if Luxxy isn't a fucking pussy, why don't we have a little old I Quit match? Because I really want to make Jack Lux squeal like the little pig bitch again...
    Braeden Cross laughs and takes a seat on the outside of the ring staring right at Lux waiting for a response from Lux or for Michael to come out
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    *Lux, still leaning on the ropes, smirks at Cross.*

    Jack Lux: I Got Beat By Ryan Davis? The guy who doesn't have a proper command of the English Language. That's just insulting, and then you bring up the fact that I'm winless, and you know what I say to that. What's your point? You think because you put me through an announce table and you're stupid little knee you beat me. Like I said you didn't take me to my limit, not even close. You may have won the battle, but I promise I will the war. And that war is called I Quit. So you can as ruthless as you want to be, but be carefully because I'll make sure that I'm every bit as ruthless and more. I promising you, and I'm promising the fans that... You... Will... Be... Broken! I will put you through a level of hell not even Dante could imagine. That being said, once again I would like Micheal to come out to confirm that our match will be under I Quit rules.

    *Lux and Cross wait for Michael to come out.*


  6. Jack Lux got more life than Tsar when hes making out with his gold #Lux4Champ
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  7. *Still waiting for Michael to come out Lux puts the mic to his mouth.*

    Jack Lux: Look, Michael I understand you're a... busy man, but all I'm asking you to do is to come out to this, and confirm that my match with Mr. Cross right here is an I Quit match. Nice and simple.

    *Lux sits on the ring canvas and flips out Cross while waiting Michael.*


  8. Michael steps out at 0:43 of the song with his IWT World Championship slung onto his shoulder. He is wearing the same black suit, and dark red silk dress shirt. He makes his way down to the ring, and takes off his sun glasses. He spits out his gum and slouches by the ropes.

    Michael: You two want an I Quit match? You got it. However, I have something better. You two had a match this past week at Survival. It was a great match, and a really good example of what you two can pull of. But I'd like this to become a Best 2 out of 3 Series. The winner will be the #1 Contender for the IWT Intercontinental Championship!
  9. *The biggest smile creeps on Lux's face*

    Jack Lux: Michael, I have to say... you've out done yourself. One question through, does the match as Survival count as the first match? Oh and I'm just going to assume that if this I Quit match is the first match the winner decides the next match in the series.

    *Lux's waits for either Michael or Cross to respond.*
  10. Michael: The first match doesn't count. The winner of the I Quit Match does choose the next stipulation.
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