Storyline Your Bad Omen

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  1. *Corey Marcus is sitting in a chair in a dark room*

    "He lived in a glass house, a glass house which he seemed to love, never paved a way for a conscious to think about his wrong doings in life. Time passed, crack by crack, the glass began to break, it was only till then the last hit... The Bad Omen... would arrive to destroy the trap he built himself. The Bad Omen came, and just like that *punches fist in palm of hand* it all crashed down. We all must think of our wrong doings, if we don't, our glass house can only stand for so long."

    *deep breathe*

    "Bad Omens, they will break you, they make you hollow, they eat your heart out and possess you with thoughts of the haunting unknown. Have you ever felt this way? I think many of you have...I know I have, but I happened to escape my demise before those thoughts even came inside my head. Now, I'm the Bad Omen, your Bad Omen. I bring out the worst in you and shun all relief from not just your mind... but your soul. I find your buildings, your glass houses, the ones you construct and I come ready to knock them down."

    *Stands up*

    "IWT, you are a city of glass, and the Bad Omen..... YOUR Bad Omen is among you. I am Corey Marcus, and I'll be seeing you soon."

    The Bad Omen

    *Segment Over*