Your champion returns - but not for a match

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  1. as the event continues, the IWT comes back from commercial break and #Relevant comes off the screen as the titantron begins.

    Aids walks out to a huge pop from the crowd wearing the HHH crown on his head, throwing up two middle fingers before running down and sliding into the ring, grabbing a microphone. Aids hits both corners as the fans mark out, before walking back and forth in the ring, waiting momentarily before pulling up the mic.

    Hash tag relevant. This is a wonderful word and I am not here to reclaim my IWT title, I am not even here to waste your time, but there is a presence that the necessary evil brings to the table that money cannot buy.

    You see this is one of the greatest nights ever made in the IWT. The card for this IWT is something I would have never dreamed of, but here we are with a roster that is comparable to every e-fed in existance today. The build is nothing magical, but the participants are something anyone would envy. I am here for one thing, and one thing only. *Aids begins to pace*

    You see the world we live in is built on platforms created by the non-participants. 12 months ago no one would have said the perfect dragons would have fought against eric draven and his mrs, but here we are witnessing that next to the return of the cure vs the tag champions who held their titles for half a year, and it isn't even for the belt. Tonight we witness greatness personified, and we are still hours and what could feel like days away from the main event.

    Never fear the unknown, because when you know it you have nothing to lose for it. DK James is one of the few IWT 2x champions but who could honestly dethrone the new king? Kaizer vs Oval is a match that one would have assumed 12 months ago would have been a dream - or a joke - depending on how you look at it. We have a martyr on the throne, new members who have formerly ran federations that are now long forgotten in a world ran by people who never even participated. I am not here for a match, no, I am here to give a reality check.

    This card is quite easily the best card ever created. I, Aids Johnson, would be lucky to pre-show this match, and I am only here to give credit where it is due. From my #relevant brother Antonio, to my best friend TNH, to the Ben Dovers and even to the return of the perfect dragons vs the new and great tag champions - if you built a card this would be greatness personified.

    I cant hold a candle to the majority of you and even with my protoge facing the man who took my IWT title from me there is one thing that we all have in common. The IWT has been built on success, but there is no real success without love, and we all love being here. I have loved every single second here and I would gladly give everything from my world away to do this again - but my time is passed. The Aids era is finished and over, but the new era doesnt belong to any one man - it belongs to all of you who participate, and for that I am greatful.

    the IWT is finally truly uprising, and without all of you there would be no me. *Aids slides back out of the ring, before his theme hits again*
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  2. I love when Aids puts the whole roster over. thx brother.
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    Really wanted to use that as a theme one time. You all put yourselves over - I am just pointing out the obvious.

    Also Britannia is a huge Miz mark. AWEEEEESOME
  4. :eww:
  5. Watching miz vids is senhor's guilty pleasure. His poor wife gets pregnant 9 times out of 10 (since he has 10 kids)
  6. I'd rather watch aids Johnson butt plugging videos :true:
  7. I do love making them for you bi-weekly. Get it!?
  8. :nope:
  9. I laughed and patted myself on the back, who cares what you did bby?
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  11. [​IMG]
    GET AT ME!?
  12. Consider yourself gotten!!!!
  13. OH HELLLLLL NO! You got me. You sly SOB, you win again.
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  14. Glad to see the great Aids Johnson is liking the direction IWT is taking
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  15. haha honestly the card is stacked, and i'm not just saying it to give you credit as the new GM, just glad i'm beginning to really enjoy IWT again, especially as a spectator.
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  16. Ok cool. Alot of these matches just worked out. I PM'd a SHITLOAD of poeple asking if they wanted in and tada!
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  17. FTJ turned me down though :((
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  18. story of my IWT career.