Your choice of any past/present themes for the shows?

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  1. Choose what theme you would choose for Raw and Smackdown if you had the choice it has to be past and/or present themes, also question does anybody miss the old SD theme Rise Up? I do I loved it anyways I choose.
    Raw: Across The Nation
    Smackdown: Rise Up
  2. RAW:

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  3. Thorn in Your Eye V2 for RAW
    Everybody on the Ground for Smackdown!
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  4. "Burn it to the Ground" by Nickelback for Raw (yeah....I'm gonna be THAT guy)
    "The Beautiful People" for Smackdown

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  5. Across the Nation for Raw

    I agree with the posts above, The Beautiful People for Smackdown
  6. Definitely Thorn in your Eye for Raw.

    I like the original SD theme, it just takes me back to my childhood.
  7. SD - 'Rise up' followed by 'I want it all'

    Raw - 'Across the Nation'

    My preferences, probably a nostalgia thing.
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  8. Attitude Era themes for every show.. I remember them being awesome!
  9. I never even watched raw at this time but this is my fav raw intro

    I've liked all of smackdowns theme's until they stopped using rise up.

    Sunday Night Heat had a good intro too. The original was the best but
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