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  1. With my new gimmick and the awesomeness that is Gav the chav, it got me to wondering. What is all of your favorite IWT gimmicks?
  2. Gav the Chav
    36 inch Farooq
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  3. Dang it! I screwed up the thread title!

    Just pretend it says your.
  4. Fixies.
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  5. You sir, are a god among men.
  6. i like trips character a lot also ben dover is quite funny
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  7. Trips is by far my favorite new dude.
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  8. Hey thanks guys, you put some good stuff out there too.

    I am going to be honest for a second and maybe that will get me some heat, BUT-IMO, with some obvious exceptions, it seems like there is a lot of superstars in the IWT whose gimmick is essentially "I'm the best, you can't beat me". This is one of the reasons I try to keep mine so abstract. You will not hear my character talk much about "how much better he is" very often. He just wants to hurt people, period. Whether that person is a jobber or the IWT champ, it does not matter. And include some details in your promos people. All that talking. I know this is all text based and whatever, but I assume the crowd would start "Boooooring" chants with the long winded promos. Christ I have almost dozed off reading some of the longer ones. Again, this is all just my opinion. Hate on it if you like. That is all.
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  9. Jonathan's the dude cant be a worst GM. He delivers every time he has to make a decision
  10. My favorite gimmick is when my girlfriend trasforms into a whore and we have sex in the kitchen with my brother's girlfriend.
  11. :lol1:


  12. You will like Lucas Hacksaw then!
  13. Solid opinion. I try to stay away from that but my gimmick really isn't more than I've had no family/privileges shit. Sob stories and shit. It's surprisingly difficult (unless your gimmick is abstract like yours) to avoid the "Im the best" cramp. We're all guilty of it

  14. I must say, it is hard to stay away from it because Lucas Hacksaw's gimmick is like "I hate anyone who says they are the best" and whatever because he is a face and most people who claim to be the best are heels so when in a promo they claim they are better then Lucas Hacksaw... it takes ages to think of a comeback other then "I'm not scared of you" because that is basically making Lucas Hacksaw look like a hypocrite.
  15. Right, and I can understand it to an extent definitely. All we have is the text we can type and maybe some images and videos depending upon the match type.
  16. Gav The Chav and Ben Dover for sure.
  17. I'm guilty myself of pulling the "I'm the best" card for sure, but I think I do it fairly well. Whatever you're doing, as long as it's convincing and winning you matches, there's no reason why you should stop.

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    And I am the best anyways.:dawg:
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  19. Yeah I color with crayons yo