Your favorite songs.

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  1. A thread where you can post and listen to songs.

  2. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
  3. Europe-The final Countdown
  4. Is this favourite or favourites?
  5. favorites
  6. Okay then.


  8. This song puts life in perspective for me and relaxes me late at night. Give it a try :-)
  9. :maybe:
  10. Sandpaper- Fozzy
    The Test- Fozzy
    Enemy- Fozzy
    All my fave songs are by Fozzy. :pity:
  11. You sure like Ozzy Osbourne.
  12. Too many to list
  13. Same with me dethfvk
  14. I sure like Chris Jericho :smug:
  15. Right now:
    The Game - Paramedic
    e-dubble - Harmonium
    Kanye West - Clique
  16. Gratitude-Beasrtie boys

  17. There Was a Time by Guns N' Roses :smug:
  18. Lithium by Nirvana
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