Your favorite way to eat Peanut Butter

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  1. Was chatting with Majour (no mics, bros :boohoo:) and we were talking about how she had never had a grilled peanut butter sandwich. It got me thinking, there are a LOT of toppings to have on here, and most of us are gluttonous american champions of the free world.

    Personally I love the stove top peanut butter on one side butter on the other with the other piece of toast in the toaster....Jelly and a giant glass of milk. Sometimes I just use a spoon.

    What is your favorite way to enjoy Peanut Butter? Crunchy or Smooth? Oh you're allergic? Here are some recipes.
  2. Peanut Butter and Nutella toast :kiss:
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  3. So it's like Peanut Butter and semi Chocolate? That sounds like a decent way to put it down.
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  4. Just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lightly toasted bread. With crunchy peanut butter of course.
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  5. I like to inject the peanut butter in my body with a needle and just put the bread up my bum
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  6. How about a burger with Peanut butter and hashbrowns on it with a sunny side up egg? Anyone?
  7. Nothing quite like shoving peanut butter up your arse and letting a huge salty dog lick it clean for you.
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  8. You're probably being serious.
  9. Also, peanut butter is revolting and smells like vomit. As is Hershey's chocolate, I ate some and thought it was actual vomit. You're easily pleased.
  10. Of course... If I gave off the impression that I was joking, I apologize.
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  11. Crunchy peanut butter on toast. Or peanut butter cups.
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  12. Grilled peanut butter sandwich? Is that like a grilled cheese but with peanut butter? Weird.

    I like mine on toast, with an apple or in cookies (no bake being the top one there). Wife likes it with a banana. There's always the classic ants on a log move too. Good with or without the 'ants'. Actually just saw an article online the other day about soups and stews that you could use PB in.

    Using Skippy Natural Creamy ATM
  13. idgaf just give me peanut butter nom nom nom
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  14. It's exactly like a grilled cheese, try it sometime. Ants on a log are my absolute favorite, sometimes i just dip the celery in the jar and grab a handful of raisins for the day.
  15. So ants on a log is celery, pb and raisins? That sounds awful.
  16. It's awesome as hell. Creamy PB though.
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  17. do people eat crunchy? I never understood the point.


    Skippy Creamy
    all day
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  18. lol this nigga eats dominos 3 X a week
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  19. I have a crunchy but it was free, i have gone through two creamy in the time i've owned it. There really is no point to it.
  20. I feel like I could just get two pieces of toast, slap some PB on em and put em together. The PB doesn't melt and ooze out when you toast the sandwich in a pan? I guess if you don't put too much, but fuck that.