Your favourite wrestler's ring gear?

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  1. Imo, RVD, or Jericho :jericho:

  2. HBK had some sick tights back in the day, especially these :



    Also Savage's WM 3 attire was a great blend :

    Can't find a decent pic but the pink ones with the yellow stars.
  3. Christian's tights have always looked good to me. D-Bry's gear from MITB this year was also cool.
  4. I liked those ones he had at WM 20, the biggest problem IMO with Christian's is they emphasize his chicken legs.
  5. Tyson Kidd imo.
  6. I like Rob Van Dam's and Ryback's, whoever does their attire certainly comes up with beast designs, and yes it's the same guy. I also like CM Punk's, I think the design is nice, and it looks cool whenever he alters the colors. I also like Cameron and Naomi's shinning red attire, it looks fucking cool to me, and very shiny.
  7. Cm Punk with the Chicago Flag.
  8. [​IMG]

    This + anything else Ziggler wears.
  9. :facepalm1: :facepalm1: :facepalm1: :facepalm1: :facepalm1: :facepalm1:
  10. Favourite ring gear? Good thread but I don't even know anyone who doesn't just wrestle with trunks and oil?
  11. ELLL GENERICO. :dawg:
  12. Angle, Brodus, AJ Styles, RVD, Ryback, Henry, Show and Steen amongst others?
  13. I didn't read OP, I thought this was modern WWE.
  14. ? :facepalm1:
  15. Bork Laser.

    Also, SCSA and Goldberg in his WCW days (love the simple, old-school black trunks and pads).

  17. I've always likes RVD's
  18. Kofi Kingston. His are always really bright and colourful. I generally like anyone who has kickpads though. Those looks neat. :emoji_grin:
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