Your IWT champion returns.

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  1. The theme hits and YOUR IWT champion, Aids the Jock comes out to a crowd mixed with boo's, cheers, and jeers.

    Turn my music off. 12 days. 12 long, painful days the fans have had to wait for the return of a champion they deserve. I have moments to come back on, and all i see is half hearted people posting, winning because Dat Kid can't close with the lead. Senhor perfect is all but absent, and Danielson is still begging for someoen to notice him.

    12 days. I was pulled away from reality to be put with a failed existance of people who would STILL be able to beat SenhorPerfect any day of the week, put with a crowd of people undeserving of the presence i gift to them day in and day out. Next week i will be facing off in a tag team match, if it means i have to beat team dat ass, great, if i have to step on Senhor and Christians backs again to get what i want, so be it. Everyone else can look up, as i ascend to another glorious reign, giving tag team fans a reason to tune in weekly. Dat kid and Victoria Parker are going to do what they do best, and we all know their job.

    As for you, Senhor. I wil give you another chance to back out. Last time was filled with lies, I'm undeserving, i use politics to win, and here we are, 12 days later and the only thing keeping you active was a Dat kid Challenge. You keep it in the weight room, and i will be the one giving people a reason to keep the IWT active. I am the champion everyone wants to challenge, the only difference is they have to work to face me, while you sob in silence. Danielson, after i beat senhor i will gladly face you, Stopspot, Seabs, Christian, From, or anyone else who can prove they deserve it in a #1 contenders match at ER. You want to face the champion? This isnt a welfare ticket, i'm not giving you shit for free. Earn your way to the top, like i so easily did at Wrestlemania.
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  2. *holy shit! chants*

    Seriously, fucking nice promo m8.
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  3. I love your revisionist history. So easily? The match at WM was the battle of your life, you won by the skin of your teeth. The mistakes I made then, I won't make again. So enjoy your last couple of weeks as champion. Sleep with MY belt, eat with MY belt, dance with MY belt, cry with MY belt. As far as I'm concerned you're just keeping it warm for me.
  4. Your title went cold when you went down for the 1-2-3 count. My title, you just lucked out on having a rematch clause. Face it, after i win again, you will be lucky to compete for the US title. :pity: Your time was up, and my time, is now.
  5. Damn you Aids Cena!

    I'm the best at what I do, and I invented everything :smug:
  6. Love the promo! :woo1:
  7. *Lights go out
    Announcer 1: What's going on here?
    Announcer 2: I don't know, we have just seen the return of Aids the Jock cutting an incredible promo.

    *Christian's new theme hits

    *Mixed reaction

    Announcer 1: WHAT? It's Christian from Smackdown!
    Announcer 2: Why is he here again? The last time we saw these two men was weeks ago! And Christian took out Aids with a spear!
    Announcer 1: By gawd, I wonder why he's here.

    Christian: Ladies and uhh you guys. Welcome to RAW IS CHRIST...
    Aids: :stfu:

    *Crowd pops with a 1/3 of boos

    *Christian looks pissed

    Aids: I didn't forget what you and your butt buddy Senhor did to me last time I was here on RAW. So either you come down to this ring and lets settle this or I'mma come down that ramp and kick your ass all the way back to Canada!

    *Mixed reaction

    Christian: Chill chill chill... I'm not going to face you... yet. Before you go insane more than you already were, I've come here to give you notice. We are less than a month away from Extreme Rules. I'm defending my Championship and the same goes for you. But what bothers me as of right now, is that you're rehashing and reusing my material. I've already said and done all those things in my promo. And what does Aids the Jock do? He comes out here in the ring out of the blue and repeat everything I've said for the past 6 months?
    Aids, what you did... is prove to me that I'm the better Champion. I'm the greatest Champion within the IWT, matter of fact, THE WORLD!

    Aids: So you say you're the better Champion, eh? Why don't you come down here and prove it boy!

    *Aids drops his title on the mat and calls down Christian to come into the ring. *Christian walks slowly down the ramp and reaches the ring *Christian walks back up to the ramp *Crowd boos

    *Christian laughs

    Christian: You actually think I'll listen to you? Nah, we face eachother, when the real champion chooses to! The clocks ticking Aids...

    *Christian leaves stage

    FNW Version of IWT.
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  8. *Christian turns around and bumps right into Senhor*

    I suggest you don't count any chickens before they hatch.

    *Senhor stares at the WHC belt*

    It could very well be me coming after that title after I decimate Aids to unify the IWT.
  9. *Christian and Senhor stare off

    *Christian starts laughing
  10. *Aids waits during the confrontation, sinking back to the corner in laughter, giving the fans a pose to help them ignore the irrelevant others in ring. He stops Christian as he is about to exit the ring, giving him a halt movement, keeping him inside the ropes for Aids to make his statement.
    You seem to forget. I am THE IWT Champion, you are the best of a second rate civilization, you, the leader of smackdown, filled with the likes of FTJ and the rest of people unworthy of even the RAW's midcard belts. Face it, Christian, you are the longest reigning politician in a breed of dogs that just can't make it with the wolf pac. You may be the smackdown champion, but remember who is YOUR CHAMPION. *flips the title up and holds the belt up, while Christian does the same. They take what seems like minutes to compose themselves, both looking at senhor perfect, glancing at each other before holding their titles BOTH up to senhor, reminding him of where he stands in this ring, a mere man amongst champions.

    You, senhor perfect. The "Champion" who beat Frank the jock to obtain a title, who couldn't compete after what has been deemed the IWT's first "handicap match" 1vs1. You are going to lose, and we will continue to compete, while you are left in the folds with the likes of Dat kid, Farooq, and the Sackfist's, who aim for the stars while their lives are lead into mediocrity. The world needs people like you to help god's like us. We are the IWT champions people will come here to witness and compete to someday be like. We are their heroes, and you are the fallen soldier on our path to greatness.

    *Takes a walk around the ring, while Senhor steps up to Christian, looking each other while facing nose to nose, the tension mounting.

    *Aids lets the tension mount, suddenly giving Christian a low blow, sending him to the ground, and when Senhor tries to capatalize, Aids also gives him a cheapshot, setting him up for a solid 5 seconds in the air before landing a brainbuster. Aids follows it up by holding up his title in his hand, before putting Christians World title around his waist.

    You think you are above me, Christian? You will never, EVER be in my league, and when i finish beating senhor, moving the IWT to a TNA schedule, we will have OUR MATCH FOR THE UNIFICATION OF THE TITLES. My brand, Smackdown, Your career. All will end in my hands. Hit my music.
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  11. The GOAT Promo.

    Welcome back, my champion.

  12. *Christian slowly gets up in pain

    *Senhor is still laid out

    *Christian goes to help his former Team Canada partner Senhor

    *Senhor gets on his feet with the assistance of Christian's support

    *The two exchange a few words

    *Christian heads to the back as does Senhor