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  1. As IWT returns from a short break, the camera is shown moving towards the former office of Trip in the Head, but the vacated paper has been removed. The door is slightly open, and as the cameraman pushes the door open, Aids Johnson is seated in the chair, leaned back with his feet on the table with a lit cigar in his hand, and his bottle of scotch on the table, still full. Aids slowly moves his head from a relaxed position staring at the ceiling, to focus on the camera wearing a large smile on his face. He ashes the cigar momentarily, right on the desk.

    What a wonderful feeling I have at this moment in time. A position vacated, open to anyone willing to fight for it, and here I sit on my throne, larger than life and happier than I ever could have imagined. Joey Bryant addressed me, informing the public of the eight man tournament with the winner becoming the #1 contender to the IWT title. You know what he did NOT address? What he will bring to the IWT table, and I have no problem answering that question for you.

    Nothing. Like his generation does best, Joey will sit in the back, addressing the crowd to inform people he is still somewhere here in IWT, but without adding anything outside of PPV matches, he even ignored the possibility of facing anyone in a non-title match before the PPV, and as the self-proclaimed GM of the IWT, I will do as my predecessor did....nothing. I will sit here in my office, complain about my part time job, and take a back seat to the process created by my hard working "staff." The only difference between myself and Trip, is that you won't find me in Jono's office on my knees.

    So I will take this opportunity to proclaim myself as the #1 entrant into the IWT #1 contender tournament, and also inform the public of my future in this company. I will become #1 contender, I will pick my battle, and I WILL WIN. The IWT is full of FSW rejects, midcarders, and jobbers. The only exceptions to this rule are part of an elite club known as the GOATers, now including my good friend and rival, Joey Bryant.

    So place your bets, spend your hard earned dollars and cents, because Aids Johnson delivers, and now that I once again have my own locker room *Aids points both hands towards the ground and then the door* You can get the fuck out and let me get back to doing what I do best....drinking.

    The camera begins to back out as Aids once again grabs his cigar, followed by an uncorking of his scotch as the scene ends.
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  2. can i join the GOATers?.......pretty please with a cherry on top?
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