Your opinion on The Miz and the IC Title

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  1. This is my first post on here and you'll get pretty sick of me soon because pretty much all my posts involve The Miz in it somehow. (I'm a huge Mizfit) Anyway my question is, What do you think of The Miz since he's returned? I think he's 10x better. His look and ring work are much greater than before he left and unfortunately he hasn't had alot of mic time since his return. When ever I look at the Intercontinental Title now, just being around The Miz's waist, it actually feels like a pretty important title. Does anyone else feel like that aswell? Anyway, look forward to hearing your replies. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. I believe The Miz is a credible IC champion. He was in the dog house for a while due to some mistakes in matches, that's probably why he's got a little better in the ring. I think The Miz will hold the IC for a few months, they need to put him in a really good feud. Me personally I would like them to revisit the Alex Riley feud.
  3. There are loads of mizfits on here! we wont get sick of them your posts!

    I marked when the miz won the IC title, he has the potential to be one of the best IC champions ever! they just need to book him correctly! like Lacky said I would love a Miz and A-ry feud for the IC title eventually!

    Who would you like to see him feuding with?
  4. I would love a Miz-Ziggler feud over the IC Title but seeing as Ziggler is practically in the main event picture that probably won't happen. Other feuds I would like to see would be a Miz-Rhodes feud and a Miz-DBry feud 2.
  5. I agree, I believe a Miz/Rhodes feud would be enjoyable after he finishes he's feud with Sin Cara.
  6. I think they put the belt on Miz to try and raise both his and the IC titles Stature. I mean Miz is a former WWE champion and he fell into below mid car for a while there. By putting the IC title on him it elevates him plus restores a little respect to a title that does not really mean anything since cody dropped it. its a win win if you ask me.

    as for a fued with A-ry i dont like it bryan i could watch or Jericho when he comes back would be good to.
  7. Jericho would be good. i dont see jericho winning the WHC or WWE title so the IC title would be good. he could help put a younger guy over. I'd like jericho to win the IC title and have a good feud with a younger talent
  8. Jerichos held the belt like 29 times lol one more wouldnt hurt lol
  9. Firstly, welcome to the site :emoji_slight_smile:. I gave you a like already solely because you're a Mizfit, I'm one of the biggest on here so we'll definitely get on. I think the IC title is in great hands at the moment. He's being booked as a relatively strong competitor as he took John Cena all the way this week on RAW, he's not getting the mic time I think he needs though. His look is great, and his ring work has definitely improved. He'll still have his haters but I don't see how anyone can say the IC title isn't feeling a lot more important at the moment.

    Now, if only they could do the same with the US title.
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the like man, I'm looking forward to hopefully being a regular on here.
    Like you said the IC Title just feels more important now. It's really good and Miz is helping to bring some more prestige to the title. I'd like to see him hold it til Wrestlemania. If it were up to me I'd have him beat Honky Tonk Man's record but I don't see him having that long of a reign.
  11. It was a nice decision. As said, it elevates both the belt and the wrestler, and as long as they keep putting him in nice feuds such as this last one with Rey it'll continue a good reign, I agree that they should give him more mic time and some different content for his promos, then it'd be perfect.
  12. Ill have to admit that I didn't know what to think of the Miz at first, back when he was teaming with Morrison, but he grew on me after he broke off on his own.
    I love his new serious/intimidating gimmick that he has now. He's all business in the ring and Im loving it. I personally would like to see the Miz break the Honky Tonk Man's record with the IC belt.
  13. Miz is definitely doing a lot of better now. I was tired of not seeing him on RAW at all and jobbing before he left. He's also put a great match with Rey on Summer Slam.

    Now, I'm hoping they do the same with Otunga and make him the US champion.