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Discussion in 'Federation X' started by Sackfist, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. I've been talking with Stop who has been eager to hear how I would run Fed X.

    The 1st idea that popped to mind is run it like ACW, People send in a promo per show, we have the winner determined by those promos. But then, as it is FedX, I thought why not bring it back as the old FedX was, good stories and incorporate some ACW bits to keep some activity going but the shows would be 100% angled, there is no waiting for promos to have matches made, so it can be like the old FedX.

    This wouldn't mean you can't have an input, I am open to storylines, promos, backstage segments etc if they work with the storyline. What the fed would be is something different from IWT, PWGP....rather than you being a deciding factor, you are not obligated to do anything and can simply watch the storylines develop, as they did in the old FedX.

    But I would like to see what you guys think? Do you want it to be 100% angled, you'd role-play as your character between shows or post threads to develop your character, reaction to win, lose, title win, defense, lose. Or do you want it to be much like ACW, the decisions are based on promos, etc. Post your thoughts. Thanks
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  2. I'd love the 100% angled, it'd be fun to see how you play out some characters. I'd join for sure if that was the case.
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  3. I'm game for whatever. Either sounds good
  4. I like the FNW way only because I'm in PWGP, AMW, & IWT, so if I only have to post reaction threads it'd be easier and I'd sign up if it was that.
  5. That is what it would be yes