Your top 5 moments in TNA history.

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    1. Stings 2006 return
    2. Styles wins the TNA title.
    3. Raven wins the NWA title
    4. AJ VS Joe VS Daniels
    5. Kurts debut

    Post away.

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  1. Not seen enough. Styles winning and Kurt's debut would be up there too.
  2. 1. Kurt Angle's Debut/Feud with Joe
    2. AJ Styles Vs. Abyss Lockdown 2005
    3. Christian wins NWA World Heavyweight Championship
    4. Ultimate X match from 2005, Final Resolution
    5. Vodoo Kin Mafia
  4. Re: RE: Your top 5 moments in TNA history.

    Why comment then?

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  5. well why does u guy have to comment "joke" in my thread that u know piss me over? :pity:
  6. Back on-topic. I vaguely remember an epic tag-team match in the steel cage, can't say who it was though unfortunately.
  7. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/[/yt]

  8. An x-division match where they had to climb out a small hole at the top of a cage .

    Dont remember much else but it had epic spots and was fast paced and crazy.

    Useless post tbh lols
  9. Steel asylum?


  10. Thats the one it was insane I've got it on DVD somewhere.
  11. Anderson vs Angle at Lockdown 2010.
    Crimson and Morgan winning tag titles.
    Sting telling Madison Rayne "I'VE GOT THE POWAHH!" in a high pitched girls voice.
    Team 3D vs Beer Money at Lockdown 2009.
    Hulk Hogan being fired as GM. (I'm thinking of the future)
  12. That would be my #2 of all time behind Hogan being released from TNA completely.