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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Marshall, May 15, 2013.

  1. Is there something or someone in WWE that you like or hate while knowing its not the popular choice.

    Share them here. Keep it civil.
  2. CM Punk

    I always love ADR while most seem to go back and forth on him.

    I'm luke warm on the Shield while everyone else has wet panties
  3. I think Swagger is one of the best in ring performers :urm:
  4. Most people recognize him as a very solid in ring technician.
  5. Punk is the most overrated guy on the internet by a country mile!!
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  6. I don't like Ryder, while most seem to.

    I never thought I'd say this, but I'm warming up to Taz on commentary :happy:

  7. I think I like you.
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  8. respect your opinion.
  9. While I think TNA commentary sucks, it is far from as bad as people make it out to be IMO. Do I wish they had another team? Sure. But most act like it completely detracts from the show in most cases, while for me that simply isn't the case.
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    Don't like CM Punk
    Don't like AJ Lee
    I liked Fandango from the start (maybe not an unpopular opinion now, but I remember everyone shat on him when he debuted)
    I like(d) Tensai (read above)
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  11. To elaborate a little more, I still think he is a very good preformer but he is portrayed as a god like untouchable preformer on the internet most of the time, I can't stand that.
  12. I prefer Seth Rollins over Dean Ambrose.
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  13. I prefer Roman Reigns over both of them.
  14. I didn't really like Punk vs Taker at mania
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    Also, I don't mind ODB. In fact, I kind of like her. :urm:

    Not sure how unpopular this is, but I don't mind Hogan in TNA.
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    I don't care for Christian much.

    Also, I pretty much lost all interest Ziggler. It's not his fault or anything , but I just really don't care anymore. He's nothing more than a glorified jobber. He could drop the title to fucking Hornswoggle at Extreme Rules, and I really wouldn't give a shit.
  17. Kelly kelly is the greatest female wrestler of all time.
  18. I like Cole and Mysterio
  19. I don't mind him either, when he is not overused, but he does have a role in TNA IMO.
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  20. Can't stand Fandango.
    I don't like (or dislike) The Shield.
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