Your World Champion Has A Surprise :pipebomb:

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  1. *Eric Draven walks to the top of the ramp with his pink flower patterned shirt on, the world championship belts is dragged behind him. He's smiling manically before stopping and dropping to a knee.*​
    *Draven then proceeds to walk to the ring to a bizarre sound for him, applause*​
    ED: Oh looky here now you people found me amusing don't you, cute you've enlightened yourselfs to my perception of the world now sit down and listen to what your chammmppppiiiiiaaaaannnn has to say. ​
    *The crowd let's out another cheer before collectively sitting in their seats as Draven motions for them to do so. He then begins to cackle loudly before calming himself to a hush tone.*​
    ED: Last night I did something I thought I'd never do, not only did I introduce my dark shadows into Christian brain, causing his actions to become unfitting of a champion resulting in his downfall, not only did I become your new worlds champion. I set in motion the rising of a family so great it will claim all the harmony for you IWT universe, every single one of you. ​
    *Draven begins pacing wildly,*​
    ED: Now my children onto the reason I called you all here today, Frank The Jock. ​
    *Frank loves cock chants break out, along with a rendition of "The tried to make him love a woman and he said Oh Hell no no no! "​
    ED: You see Frank has taken this title and diseased it with his actions, he's left it worth nothing. Look at this useless pile of.... ​
    *Draven looks down at the title before throwing it on the ground*​
    ED: You see a great magician always has one more trick and here is mine. ​
    *A new title drops from the rafters, Draven snatches it and hugs it tight to him*​
    ED: Ladies and Gentleman we'll let Frank keep his piece of shit because as of now this is the only title which matters.... The NEW IWT WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP​
    ED: This title has been held by many great names from Brock Lesnar to Big Van Vader to Hiroshi Tanahashi and now it's mine. Does anyone dare try and take it from me?​

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    "They tried to make him love a woman and he said Oh Hell no no no!"
  3. G/L/W/S OP. I vouch for you, legit member on the site.
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  4. That's one beautiful title, brother.
  5. Photoshop my title to make it rendered please, you know how to manipulate my belts.
  6. Make it rendered, eh? :haha:

    Alrighty, sec.

  7. Do it bitch, it's in my contract as World's champion.
  8. Here, fucking faggot


  9. Apologies dick brain or I'll take this strap to FNW brother.
  10. Crayo fucking loves me.