Your Worst Nightmare Arrives. (Debut Promo)

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  1. *Black smoke fills the ring and once the smoke has passed, a man, wearing a black mask, coat and wrestling tights can be seen in the ring. He Picks up a Mic that has been left in the corner and begins to speak*
    Finally, I have arrived to IWT! IWT, I am Your worst Nightmare. All of you in the back, You dream of winning Gold, those who have done that wish to conquer the company. *The Man starts to Laugh Manically*
    I Shall Huant you, I shall Hunt you and I shall crush your dreams and turn them into recurring Nightmares!
    You shall Learn to respect your fears and you shall learn to Fear....Me!
    *The man continues to Laugh* Because I AM NIGHTMARE!
  2. *Ben Dover attentively listens to Nightmare*

    Ben Dover: Damn, I'm less scared than a marine while they are watching My Little Pony... Not that they watch it because My Little Pony is for Virgin Nerds!
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  3. Who in the blue hell are you? :rock:
  4. Some New guy, Problem?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Ben: Your photoshop idiocy is nothing but an insult to the people protecting you..... Stick to photo shopping fake nudes you silly man!
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  8. Hehe, He Got you there.
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  9. Ben: And I thought Americans respected the Marines.....
  10. I'm just providing facts here, don't blame me, blame the constitutions, or politics, or whatever we blame nowadays.
  11. Ben: Thanks or the input, perhaps you could try and lose your virginity during the time I attempt to care about what you just said :)

    Trust me you will have plenty of time to do so.....
  12. Ben: I blame weed..
  13. I Blame your Incompetence and Lack of Knowledge.
  14. The "Marines" participating in this video are also damaging the prestige that other people in the Marines tried so hard to create.
  15. Go talk to them, youtube account is right there :gary:
  16. Lack of knowledge? Impotence?

    Based on your non-existent sexual activity, I would assume you're suffering from a sort of "impotence" yourself".

    But seriously, I will have you know I'm just as academically gifted as I am sexually or athletically. I know more about business or political structures than you ever will.

    And I'm "just some guy" who works as a pornstar...
  17. Ben: Is my job to remind Marines of what being "Marine" means. No. They be should be aware already, if they don't know now then they never will....
  18. Hehe, I Guess your dream is already crushed then and So is your career, you washed up 'Pornstar', If you are one.
  19. Ben: Perhaps you misinterpreted my tone...

    I am one of the most successful pornstars of all time, not just the most successful but the most respected. Nowadays sex culture is regarded on a more casual basis, therefore; so is porn and the pornstars that partake in porn.

    I'm not "just some guy"; I'm am a brilliant guy who can articulate, wrestle and have amazing intercourse!

    And one of those you've never done in your life!