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  1. Not sure which section to put this thread, thought I would put it here. So bits of wresting merchandise do you own ?
    Anything from T shirts, wristbands, action figures etc past brought one or most recently brought ones ?

    I will start with two t shirts I got recently:
  2. Image Heavy (open)




  3. I don't own any, but would love to own Slater's new shirt. It's awesome!
  4. I sold all my wrestling stuff in 2014 when I stopped watching it but I've got 4 shirts. Got the new Rollins Rebuild shirt, Strong Style Has Arrived, Takeover London and the YES movement shirt.
  5. Haha I think I have that Shield shirt somewhere too
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  6. I have quite a few shirts:

    Colt cabana
    Marty Scurll
    Cutest team
    Tommy End
    Progress Fight club soap bar
    Progress Jagermeister logo
    Suplex Prince Devitt is dead
    Suplex Devitt Club

    Bullet Club
    Bullet Club X Betty Boop
    NJPW X Hello Kitty

    Gail Kim
    Samoa Joe
    Austin Aries
  7. I have none and never have. Been thinking about buying a NWO or Austin 3:16 shirt.
  8. I've got this:

    Show Spoiler

    Looking to get the Balor ugly xmas jumper and the Rollins hoodie posted above.
  9. I had this shirt but I threw it away because it was too worn and I out grew it.