Your wrestling pet peeves

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  1. Let's play a little game. Post your pet peeves in wrestling in this thread.

    I'll start: Heels blatantly cheating in front of the referee and the referee doing nothing. It either sells the heel as incompetent at his job or the ref as incompetent or a dumbass.
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  2. Too many near falls
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  3. Waiting until the last moment to get in the ring off of a ten/twenty count for 'dramatic effect'.

    How most of the heels ending up retreating in a confrontation, or resulting to cowardly tactics in a match.

    All the constant double standards, etc etc.
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  4. Another pet peeve for me are heels that do not cheat. You are a heel, cheating is what you do.

    To quote Jake Roberts: "you do not cheat because you have to, you cheat because you want to".

    Monster heels are exempt from this criteria imo.

    i'm not saying a match has to be constant nut shots. But if you play the part of villain you should always be looking to exploit what is going on in some form.
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  5. Dumb chants. I'll give a few examples.

    I forgot when this happened, but literally 1-2 minutes into the match we're getting a "This is Awesome!" chant. This match barely has begun.
    In TNA, if you do an suicide dive or any aerial maneuver, it'll get a TNA chant. WTF, you think no other promotion does that shit?

    As Shadow said, double standards. I would give Shadow's example, but he'll probably make a thread out of it. Basically, even if they're new stars, people want their favourite stars to succeed who can actually WRASSLE in their definition not someone like Cena.
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  6. When wrestlers run at their opponents and get caught in their moves. Like what were you gonna do, run into him?
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  7. The "What?" chants need to die.
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  8. Guys blatantly moving into position to receive a move. IE: shimmying over when a guy is on the top rope, or ridiculously landing on the second rope before a 619.
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  9. It aggravates me that because a wrestler decides to put on a striped shirt and become the referee for one particular match, they suddenly become just as weak, frail, and feeble as the normal officials are, capable of being knocked silly by even the simplest of bumps. Example: Ric Flair assigned himself the task of officiating the Austin vs Undertaker match at Backlash 2002, and despite the fact that Flair is a 16-time world champion who has wrestled and bleed in different countries around the world and had some pretty brutal matches throughout his career (including an hellacious match with Undertaker himself just a month prior to this, and one with Vince a couple of months before that one as well), he's suddenly able to be knocked unconscious by a mere SHOULDER-BLOCK. Austin was the same when he was the special referee at both Wrestlemania 23 and Cyber Sunday 2008, being accidentally hit with simple maneuvers and then selling them like death.
  10. The very existence of Michael Cole.
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  11. Babyfaces who smile constantly when they're on camera, like they don't take anything seriously.
  12. I hate the 619 & Rey Rey for that very reason!
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  13. Oh yeah, the Miz. That is all.
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  14. When both sides in a tag team match are going for the hot tag and the heels CLEARLY get the tag first, but they stumble or do something stupid to stall for the face to get the tag to rush in...
  15. When two guys attempt a spot and they somehow botch it. And then their idea to fix it is to repeat the spot and hope that this time they can hit it properly. This is such an annoying moment in any match, yet some of the all time greats have been guilty of this. Bret Hart in his match against Sid at IYH 12 did this with a random corner spot in the middle of the match. Unless it's the finish to a match, why in god's name would you repeat a spot? It looks so fake looking and honestly, do any of the fans care that you hit the move properly? Just go on to your next spot and just pray that you don't botch anything else.
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  16. Roll-ups being this amazing, incredible move that can put someone away! So powerful!

    That's all i got so far.
  17. When The Great Khali appears, I instantly hate everything on screen. Even the babies in the crowd, even if my favorite song is playing. Even if Tupac himself was there.
  18. And Jerry Lawler.
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  19. Hearing Hulk Hogan speak.
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  20. I hate when a wrestler completely changes his wrestling style simply because he becomes a face. And I am not talking about cheating.

    In 1994 and 1995 Shawn Michaels was gaining popularity as a heel. Yeah, he cheated, but not always. He was putting on excellent matches even at house shows. I'll never forget being at a house show at the United Center and these two huge guys who looked about the size of Harlem Heat were sitting in front of me. The moment Michael's music hit, they got up and started dancing like crazy. It was wonderful.

    Then, they turned Michaels into a face and completely changed him. He became a Hulk Hogan clone of getting his ass beat in the match only to have the inevitable super comeback. It never made sense to me why they do this because he was gaining popularity due to his wrestling and character, so their solution is to make them a face, change their wrestling style and then change their character. Idiotic.
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