Storyline "You're Insane, He's An Elder!"

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  1. "At The Age Of 19 years world, At Company named IWT decided to take a chance on this street wrestler. With no trainer, no one behind him within the first few months he became known as an internatiola wrestler and one of the top names in his division. With no championships, or honorable titles this young man has now proven that he is a trail blazer, please welcome the ever so charming, but conniving Aiden Ryan."

    Aiden Ryan comes out dancing a little in a comedic way.
    "What is this music!?"
    Aiden laughs as he does a little dance twirl before sitting down.

    "I promised my co workers, A.K.A fellow wrestlers that i'd do a dance before I sat down,"

    The host laughs

    "So you just went for it?"

    "Just went for it, I expect gifs on tumblr now!"


    "Hahaha, Very good! Now, firstly. You were not competing at summerslam. Which many if not all followers of you were disappointed as it is like the mini superball to you all. The biggest names and the biggest hot shots were there, however you were there. And this is where things are going to get really deep folks, a former enemy of yours had returned. She sorta sent you a threat and you have yet to comment on that threat? So tell me what was it like having Vickie Guerrero come back and threaten to put your past on blast?"

    "You know, Vickie and I have known eachother for a very long time. and you wouldn't think that at all but we have alot of history, some to which may be revealed later down the line. However if you're asking me to respond to those threats, my answer is simple. I am human, I am touchable, and the mistakes I have made in my past will stay in my past, the difference between Vickie and myself is that I am contracted by IWT. Where she is not, I can easily use that to my advantage and no longer have her appear at my shows. I do not find it amusing to break someone down, and i do not find it at all okay to throw up what is left in the past. But my response to it all, is I'm human, I've made terrible mistakes but I've grown from them. One of my biggest mistakes, was trusting her as a friend."

    "So if I were to ask about the mistakes you have made, would you be opposed to answering them?"

    "Of course I would, the mistakes I had made were in the past. and that's where they belong. We are here to talk about IWT, Not about what I had."

    "Excuse me!"

    A voice yells as Aiden And The Host look behind to see Vickie Guerrero walking on the stage, Aiden lifts himself off his chair and begins to ask her rapid questions. She walks onto the stage to which the cameras are pointed at and looks Aiden up and down before throwing a vicious slap into the face of him. Unprepared Aiiden falls down on the table prop to which knocks over as well.
    "Now that I have your wanted attention, "Aiden". I'm going to give you one last chance to tell these people what you had done, the past may be the past, but the cookie crumbles everytime you take a bite into it, so with each crumble that falls down comes out a truth. You my dear are that cookie and each time I break you down, a truth will unfold. Now I am not going to sit here and punish you for all that you had done because deep down you have punished yourself, you have dug yourself a hole to hard to get out of, and as each day passes you know everyone in your work place is starting to notice you differently, and it's not because you grew a back bone. It's when Michael Cole called you out for what you really were, an untalented, man slut."

    The Host holds his hand up only to have it slapped down by Vickie.

    "I do not want to hear that this is a PG show, Get off the stage!"

    "Vickie, This is my show. And I will not allow violence to come to any of my guests so will you please lea..."

    Before the host can finish his sentence he also receive a slap to which drops him off the stage.
    Aiden stands up and goes to check on the host who looks to be in serious condition.
    "Vickie, You're insane! He's an elder!"
    Aiden looks back as Vickie folds her arms in satisfaction, he turns back as he see's paramedics rushing to the host.

    "Just remember, Aiden. I'm going to turn your friends, everyone that adores you... against you. "

    She whispers in his ear before walking away, Aiden looks back and shakes his head before using his hand to climb down off the stage.

    The Camera Fades.

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