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  1. Ryan Davis is seen sitting at a desk in an office, staring at a computer screen.

    As Jeff walks into the office, Ryan looks at the camera and begins to speak..

    Ryan: It has come to my attention that the current owner of IWT, Michael has called me out. He's laid down a challenge to me to face him at Uprising. And I find it very humorous that he said that he's been waiting months to kick the shit out of me. It's funny because I feel the same exact way. I've felt that way ever since he placed me, in my debut, in a match against Blackfire, now known as I Got Beat by Ryan Davis. Right from the beginning he has disrespected and belittled me. And now, now in just a couple of months he has seen me become undoubtedly one of the biggest names in this company, which is why he wants to take me out. He can't stand the fact that it took him years to get what he wants, control in IWT, while for me, it's going to take a matter of months to get what I want. It's as simple as this: I'm better than him, he knows it and because of that, he wants to fight me.

    Ryan takes a moment to simply stare into the camera before continuing.

    Ryan: Michael, I truly believe you don't know what you're doing. You somehow got confidence in yourself after you beat Aids for the IWT World Championship, but that's the thing, you beat Aids. He was a man already one foot out of the door so he wasn't at his best in your match which is why someone like you was able to defeat him. Again, you don't know what you're doing, do you have any idea who I am? I am the guy that said I was going to beat a former World champion, I did it, and some may call it crazy or idiotic while I call it very intelligent, but when it was time for Nick and I to face off again, I no showed to prove a point, a point that I am just better than him. You just called out the greatest first generation wrestler in history and have no idea what you're doing. And that eats you up inside, doesn't it? That the guy you booked to face pretty much the worst wrestler in IWT history in his debut match is actually a bigger star than you can even imagine to be. You want to face me so badly that it's quite pathetic, but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be great to kick your ass. But I'm not just going to accept your challenge, as I said earlier, I'm smart and I know what I'm doing.

    Ryan smirks before going on.

    Ryan: So I'll play your type of game. You like to abuse your power such as refusing to pay your World champion his paycheck because you finally realized that yet another person is better than you. You're a slimy and devious guy and I have no problem being one as well. So Michael, I will accept your challenge to a match at Uprising only if you book me in a match before then. And I want it to be for that new Television Championship you announced. Because honestly, we call fucking know I would've beaten Nick a second time and advanced in the Universal title tournament, but I'm a nice guy and didn't show up to give him a chance at actually being relevant, so I believe I deserve a reward, don't you? Either I walk into our match at Uprising as the Television champion or the match doesn't happen at all, the match that you desperately want to try to keep your confidence up. Now who really owns IWT?

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  2. Michael walks out onto the live crowd, wearing a black silk suit with a green tie. His hair is slicked back and he has a microphone in hand. He walks down to the ring with a slight red tint to his face. He quickly runs up the steps, wipes his feet on the outside apron before climbing the outside turnbuckle. He raises both arms as the crane camera swivels around him showcasing an army of camera flashes. He steps down and stops in the center of the ring. He strokes his chin before facing the tron at the top of the ramp.

    Michael: Isn't it hilarious how everyone no shows to prove a statement? Alias, Victoria and now Ryan. These guys forget to board their flight so they cover it up with some cheap ass lie? Bullshit, I know it, you know it, the crowd knows and everyone in-between knows it. It would save the headache if you all can just admit that you're pieces of shit that don't care about this place and only come back when a title or a 6 figure contract is on the table, and we'd all be happy. Because I don't need to face you, in-fact, no one needs to face you. I want to face you because I want you off your ass and in this ring, proving that you're worth your pay. Beating Blackfire and Nick isn't justifying why you're still around, and you guaran-damn-tee are justifying a shot or even the award of the TV title. The title is made to represent the sect of the roster that works hard, that shows up on time, that leaves their blood, sweat and tears in the ring. You were one of those talents, but you decided to no-show, and now you're in the same bank as the Chris Kaizers and Antonios and not in the vain that you're successful but that you only come back when you see a title to add to your collection. I'm not gonna play that game.

    Michael leans onto the ropes.

    Michael: So, you can either shut up and face me like a man to show that you have enough merit to justify the very thought of fighting for a title or you can back away and try to play to your massive ego, and act like you deserve it. Because if you keep this up, you're not only out of a match but you're out of any title picture - period. You have to realize your place, and if you don't then I'll have to beat the respect into you. And of course, if you refuse and try to hold me up for a title - then you can run rough shot at catering.
  3. Ryan: Wait, hold on a second, did you just say you're going to beat the respect into me? Who the hell cares about respect? I sure as hell don't and we all know what I do to people who say they'll beat it into me, I beat them. Don't even try to play the ego card on me because at least I back up what I say, with you, you got a win over a guy who was already planning to leave this place, but what happened when you got in the ring with a real competitor, a guy at 100%? You got beat. You got beat by Alias Antonio, as you should have. You have the biggest ego in this place all because you book the matches and won the IWT World title after being here for years, but I know it, you know it, and everyone else knows it, you aren't that good. You aren't as good as you think you are, you aren't very good, period. Sure, place me in a list of people who no showed. Go ahead, keep making that ignorant comment, it's about as ignorant as your decisions when it comes to IWT. The difference with me is I sacrificed becoming a World champion to prove my point. I don't give a damn if you think my point has validity or even exists, my point is directed towards Nick, to show him how good he really isn't.

    Ryan stares at Michael for a moment, looking very angry.

    Ryan: I see it in your eyes Michael, you despise me. I've known that since my first day here and all these people knew when you said you've wanted to face me for months. Stop denying it to save your precious image, you need to face me. You know that if you want to smell that World title again, you're going to have to get in the ring with a big name, so it comes to no surprise that you want to face me. I'm the best here. I told Nick that, go ahead, ask him. I made him change his whole mindset after he faced me. Hey, this just says something about how big my ego is, I admit I may be wrong. Nick may go on and become the Universal champion, proving my point wrong. But everyone will know it was because he was in the ring with Ryan Davis. It's not hard to figure out that you want that same effect, you need this match. Don't give me your bullshit excuses and say the Television Championship is for the hard workers because if that's the case, you wouldn't have any problem accepting my request because you think I'll get outworked. You're just scared to give me that title shot because you know I'll become the best champion in your company and you'd rather die than have that, right? But you as well as everyone else knows that I deserve that championship. I beat a former World champion, I sacrificed a World title match, and I had to have a match with Blackfire, I deserve it.

    Ryan steps closer, getting eye-to-eye with Michael.

    Ryan: But if you don't want to agree to my terms, that's fine. If you don't want to give me any incentive to face you, that's alright. You're just proving you are a crooked owner and are afraid that I'll take this place over. It's alright, I'll get to the top eventually. You have your match. Congratulations, you're relevant again.
  4. Michael stares at Ryan Davis. He fixes his tie, and chuckles. He turns to leave, but turns back.

    Michael: Ryan, you don't really think that having 2 matches makes you some star? You beat Blackfire and you beat Nick, who hasn't been 100% in months. I beat Aids Johnson, who despite being a drunk has had one of the best, most storied careers in IWT. I buried Dat Kid alive this past January and I beat Gav the Chav, the man that tried to take me out because he thought I was an easy picking. I rose above Jonathan and became the owner of the IWT, I became Mr. IWT. I stepped toe-to-toe with Alias and took him to the his threshold like nobody has seen in years, and if I had two cheerleaders at my side, I'd still be here with that title, and you'd still be peddling the midcard.

    Michael: I'm here to make you a star, but if you honestly think you're better than me - you have a serious problem. I've never no-showed, I've never skipped an event, I've never given up an opportunity and I kept getting up. You, on the other hand, are the same level of trash as Alias Antonio. A lying, no-showing piece of shit. He ran from this company and is trying to stall my rematch for as long as possible, while you think you can fuck around and try to politic your way to a TV title match. You have the biggest, most inflated head in the IWT.

    Michael: You don't have the gall to stand on your own two feet, in front of me. But if you think you do, I'll just have to break your goddamn legs.

    Michael steps out of the ring, and continues of the ramp before turning around.

    Michael: Oh and...Jesus wept.

    Michael drops the microphone and leaves through the curtain.