Storyline You're the King of Zero

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  1. Michael is sitting in his office when a camera crew invades the room. They ask him about his impeding match with King Zero, and his thoughts.

    Michael: My thoughts? My thoughts are an enigma. I usually can't figure out what I'm planning, but being the successful business and wrestling mind that I am...I must offer you some insight into what I'm thinking. King Zero is a man who's lost sight of what is true and logical in the world. His obsession with Alias Antonio, is really quite saddening. I remember him being IWT World Champion. Defending his gold at IWT Mania 2. I remember him losing that same title to Alias Antonio, as well. But that's a different story for a different time. The point is, I remember when this man was a man.

    Michael strokes his chin.

    Michael: I remember when King Zero was an actual King...not a man who professes to be the spooky spirit of the IWT. He made Joey Bryant, and he built this company. He gave the IWT World Title meaning, and put on some of the greatest matches, in history. He built a legacy that not Alias, Bryant, Aids nor myself have been able to hinder. Despite, us predicting and targeting to do so...He did it himself. He abandoned his legend for a folks tale. He abandoned his gold for copper. He's done the worst thing a legend can do...lose sight.

    Michael: He's lost his mind, and maybe a dirt bath 6ft under will awake him. I'm not doing this to prove to my doubters that I was close last year. I'm doing this... to bring Dat Kid back. Not the King of Zero.
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