Youtube Milestone Giveaway!

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    My current gimmick is just like Christian's....... I'M DESPERATE.

    Here is my latest video:

    I'll be branching out into different games. I will get better over time.

    Also, If you think I won't get you a 50 dollar card........... I haz dah money playa. I gotz it all. ALSO, if you are TonyPizzaGuy?! or uber famous. You want some dough for promotin' EH!? EHHH!?? lol

    I'm also doing this on another forum so if you are entered into this on that forum... you can also enter into it on this one and you have a chance at winning 2 CARDS!!!!! Commenting and shit will be greatly appreciated.

    Just say "I'm in" and thoughts and I'll add you to the list.
    1. Deth​
  2. I'm in. Im greedy. Good luck.
  3. Lold at your mom
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  4. We tried recording that a million times. The 2nd time, my mom came in with a knife and told my friend that she was going to stab his eyes out.....
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  5. i want rewards m8