Storyline You've Got Mail...

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  1. *Coming off of the Royal Rumble Drake is seen in his private locker room winding down from the match. Exhausted he goes to reach for his towel, but just as he picks it up he spots a letter sticking out from his luggage, unopened and un-stamped. Drake gets the letter out of his bag, takes a seat on the bench, and opens it up. While reading the letter his expression worsens and he seems to be growing angst. Enthralled Drake stands with haste and starts to look for something. Wolfe goes into his bag and searches for it, but instead he pulls out a lighter. Contemplating what to do next he takes the lighter and puts it to the letter, slowly igniting it. As it finally flickers out Drake picks up his bag and makes way for the door.*

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  2. Another letter falls out of Drake's bag. It reads "#Kaizer4Gm"
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