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  1. Spawn is busy training away in his gym. He walks to the dumbbell rack and picks up the 75lbs in each hand as he starts curling with a sharp inhale at each raise.


    His coach stands behind him and screams at him to go quicker. His coach gets into his head and Spawn begins to rapidly pull the huge weights up to his chest with a roar of strength. The workout has hardly just begun, Spawn has been hitting the weights for hours now. His shirt is drenched in a large sweat stain from the juices flooding from his head.

    Spawn finishes his rep as his coach counts to 40 reps. Spawn drops the weights on the floor with a large thud as they bounce a couple times. He grabs his towel and wipes his head as he takes a rest on the nearby bench.

    [Owner of the Gym] Hey, Spawn! You've got mail.

    The large IWT superstar pats his face with his towel before draping it over the bench and walking to the front desk. The owner passes him a white envelope as he holds the phone on his shoulder typing in his desk computer frantically. Spawn slides the mail off the front desk and walks back over to his bench before he he digs his large finger under the fold of the envelope and tears it open. Spawn's face twists in confusion as he reads a small note partitioned inside.

    "The Lord Detests lying lips...yet he found forgiveness in you. All while those who live as they are, become rejected in his kingdom. This needs to change."

    Spawn turns it over looking to find out who sent it, but there is no name. He reads it once more trying to rack his brain to what it meant. He checks the envelope once more to check the mail was his, and it indeed had his name on it. But no addresses or stamps. Someone purposely left this for the superstar. Spawn folds it up and wraps his towel around it before storming out of the gym mid-workout.

    Clearly the whole ordeal had got to him. Spawn did not appreciate the message.
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  2. Like the 10th time we've had a promo named this.
  3. IWT brought to you by Aol. "AOL is the internet!"