News Zach Gowan on American ninja warrior

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    So I havent watched the clip myself yet, but apparently good ol one legged Zach gowan attempted to qualify for American ninja warrior. Didn't finish the course but with only one leg that's impressive.
  2. That is. I hope Brock runs out of no where and F5's him off of one of the ninja warrior platforms. Nothing can stop the beast.
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  3. You mean Bork.
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  4. #helpfulmaster but in all seriousness there were times in the video that I thought that he was going to fall but he didn't so great run for him and devastated that he didn't make it. (also is that Zack Sabre Jr in the crowd?)
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  5. Nah, it isn't ZSJ, but that dude sure resembles him.
  6. Hey thanks for posting the video! I saw it on Facebook but didn't watch it as I was at work. Just did and man it was a good run, all things considered.

    I just watched old clips with him n Brock about a month ago after like 12 years or better. Guy randomly popped in my head as I was watching a couple months ago so I youtubed his clips. Now he's on tv again. Funny how those things work out.
  7. lol I remember Lesnar destroying this poor man
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  8. I remember watching the Lesnar attack on Zach as a kid and being scared shitless.
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  9. I remember the arm wrestling with Vince. ...then he kicks his fucking leg out from under him haha gold