Zack Ryder is a big guy!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. I never realized how big of a guy he was until I saw him in the ring with Reigns on Raw recently! Maybe that's because I haven't seen him in action much. I was definitely surprised.
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  2. Yeah man, it's hard to gauge size in wrestling because it's filled with giants. Not necessarily Big Show or Undertaker, but guys like Triple H or John Cena are enormous dudes.
  3. Yeah, there are guys who are pretty big but don't look their size at all on wrestling TV.
  4. Isn't Cena like 6ft1 or 6ft2? What's the average height in America? Because over here 6ft-6ft1 is the height average among men. Although I guess body mass can also help enhance size.
  5. He's 6"1 and I think Punk is 6"2.
  6. He may be an average height, but 250lbs of pure muscle is certainly an above average weight / build.
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  7. Maybe his wrestling style threw me off. He's pretty agile too. But like I said, I saw him in ring with Reigns, who is being touted as this big powerhouse, and they were like the same size! :idk:
  8. It's shoulder width more than height with him and a lot of guys. It gives the impression of being bigger even if you're shorter.
  9. I'm only 5' 6".....
  10. Weren't you 5 8 around a week ago?
  11. LOL! Yeah right. I don't think I ever said that. I stopped growing a year ago, and I capped out at only 4 inches taller than AJ. ^_^
  12. Well shit I misread your intro thread Farooq is 5 8.
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  13. Oh... well, anyone under 5' 8" is short in my opinion. But that's just because around 98% of the people I see everyday are noticeably taller than me.
  14. Farooq is 5' 8"? Is that a poster here? Because Ron Simmons is 6' 2".
  15. Oh, WOW! Now Farooq is WAY taller than me. Thanks for telling me.
  16. Yep it's a member,he has a fetish for plasma tvs.
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  17. Ryder is a normal size for a WWE Superstar, he's not small or really big.
  18. First Raw I went to a few years ago I was like :shock: THEY ARE HUGE!
  19. Isn't Hornswoggle actually 6'8?
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  20. :pity: 6'5.3
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