Zema Ion Update

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  2. There's no enough facepalm smileys/gifs/pics to make this moment of a very justified anger in my body right. Fucking ****s.
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  3. What medical assistance do TNA actually offer?
  4. They offer shit, it seems.
  5. Yeah, what will happen if he can't raise the money? No surgery? How long will this keep him out?
  6. Tumors are very unpredictable, who the hell knows. He could be out for months, or could simply die (God forbid) if it gets cancerous. It's rather stupid that we're even discussing the potential terrible outcomes of this. All over a fuckin 30k.
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  7. Dick and stupid move by TNA. This would look great and is just the right thing to do.
  8. What Test said, it all depends on the tumor. It could just be a dead/non cancerous tumor which he could basically go on with until he croaks of natural/unnatural causes. But it could just as well be cancerous and he could die by it.
  9. ^This

    Are TNA really gonna let one of their talents suffer like this?? I know they don't have to, but it's fucking cold to leave one of your FRESH YOUNG talents in the water. Doing this would actually help them, it would make their image look very good, and it would probally get their loyalty from Ion. But no, lets waste the money on other shit, and not help out your own YOUNG and FRESH talent. It's wrestlers like Zema that will be in the future of TNA, maybe not in the main event, but he'll still be there due to being there in a early age. I know that TNA doesn't have to help at all, but if Zema dies, what exactly will be the image for TNA? I know that people won't care about the argument of "oh we didn't have to help". They're gonna be a lot of finger pointing at TNA, and it will hurt them badly.
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  10. Makes you feel sick when Hogan gets more than 30k a fucking appearance, apparently. Absolutely sickening. TNA would get such good PR out of this.
  11. I get it. If I worked at the supermarket that didn't offer insurance they wouldn't help me. Would say this is no different but said supermarket doesn't get national exposure or would deal with PR because of a nobody like me.

    Many of TNA's fans know what's going on, right? Well the first thing that pops in my mind is what Crayo said.
  12. What a bunch of wankers. TNA has gone down a tonne in my estimation for this. WWE would have paid up if this was one of their guys - probably not for the 'right' reasons, but they would have done it nonetheless. Fuck you TNA.
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  13. Once again I commend Murrica for its astounding healthcare system!!!

    :dafuq: ------> :obama:
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  14. I'd assume they would give him a pay cut at least when he returns and fund for him now. But damn, this is fucked.
    Fuck this.
  15. Good to see all the support here for Zema and a justified anger for TNA paycheck writers.

    Now, excuse me, I'm going to social media to rant to Dixie about this shit because I know she reads people's tweets on her account. But I'll be polite, maybe she answers (she did once last year).
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  16. That's right :hmm: we should all go to Twitter and try to get it some attention. Maybe with the right amount, it'll back TNA into a corner and maybe it'll make them pay. Not the cleanest way, or it might not happen, but it's the least we can do to help out Zema :hmm:
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  17. Beyond the perceived moral obligation TNA has to help him out, I mean wtf are they thinking from a PR perspective? They could have looked like a million bucks had they forked over a measly $30k, but instead it is the complete opposite as they continue to be vilified for not helping out an employee who clearly needs their support.
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  18. Quite funny that WWE today forked out $25,000 to help some school thing I think. Not a charity, just to help them with something. I can get the full story if people want it, but I immediately thought of this thread.
  19. Fuck this. Hope Ion gets well soon and wrestles again.
  20. +1 for the sig #boss <3