News Ziggler talks about WWE backing Orton

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 30, 2013.

  2. Can't agree more with Ziggler. Every time he says something we completely see eye to eye.
  3. Orton > Ziggler.
  4. Is this kayfabe?

  5. :hmm: Interesting read here...seems kayfabe though.
  6. If it's not kayfabe then Ziggler is an arrogant idiot.
  7. Pretty sure it is kayfabe. Falls a little to well in line with what is going on.
  8. He has stated various times that he's just gonna make it at the top. Last time, he said he hated Cena. He always does comments like this.
  9. Sounds in-character to me.
  10. good joke
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  11. he just tweeted he got in trouble for making those comments in the interview... definitely kayfabe.
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  12. Was gonna say the same thing.
  13. my man the game is gonna get his retribution against daniel bryan because i'm the GAMEEEEEEEE :bury:

    :sad1:: yo trips man push me pls


    Dolph Ziggler becomes X-Division champion.
  14. Ziggler... he speaks the TRUTH
  15. Ziggler apparently got heat for this, lol.
  16. Ziggs is being made out to be a b**** at this point. He's talented yet, the 'E' is using him as a cat who b***ches all the time.... sounds an awful lot like Christian to me

    Regardless of my opinion, that's my call from a viewer. Saying your a better piece of talent is legit....b****ing about it is Punk like. It isn't Zigg-like and it should be nipped.
  17. Remember when people said Ziggler wasn't going to be a complete afterthought in this feud? yea, about that.
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  18. Dolph for the love god shut up your gonna get buried more now
  19. its kayfab you mark
  20. look at dat sidewalk slam