Summerslam Ziggler's Summerslam opponent (spoiler)

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  1. Sorry, I wasn't sure where to put this so if it's in the wrong section can someone move it for me? Cheers!

    Anyway, I was reading on Wrestlenewz that it is expected that Dolph will face Big E at Summerslam.

    So here's a few questions:

    Will it be for the world heavyweight title, if not, who will face Del Rio at Summerslam?
    I really don't know if it will be for the WHC. I hope not. I'd rather have this match and have Dolph win then maybe have The Miz face Del Rio for the world heavyweight championship

    Do you think Big E will screw Ziggler out of his match at MitB or will something happen on RAW?
    I think it'd make more sense if Big E maybe tried to interfere in the match for Dolph which could end up distracting Ziggler causing him to lose.

    Anyway, what do yous think of all that?