ZTJ makes an appearance

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  1. Zach the Jerk comes out at the top of the stage, his hair slicked back like an Italian Mafia guy and his arms around two super hot women. He's wearing a jacket like John Morrison's and has pink shutter shades on. In his hand is a stacks of cash and as he walks to the ring he fakes giving the cash away. In his other hand is the unofficial Million Dollar Championship, not recognized by IWT. He gets to the ring and grabs a mic, the two ladies admiring him to the side as he hands one of them his Million Dollar Championship. The crowd boos for awhile and as they stop Zach talks into the mic.

    Zach: Let me introduce you to the new face of IWT! Zach the Jerk! I'm the best this business has ever seen and that's because I always win. I don't care if I have to buy someone out or win by my brute strength, no matter what happens I never lose. I was born into royalty, I was worth more than all of you fat greasy peasants the moment I popped out of the womb.

    The crowd boos as Zach pauses and pulls a lighter from his pocket.

    Zach: This money means NOTHING to me! Watch this!

    He lights the money on fire and laughs at it burns in his hand and he tossed the handful of burning cash in the air, scattering the dollars all over the ring.

    Zach: Can any of you say that you could afford to do something like that? Not in your wildest dreams! Just like that championship would suggest I'm worth a million dollars. Heck, I'm worth 100 million!So you peasants can boo me all you want but you know what, I don't give a rats ass. What I do care about is the IWT Championship and that's what I really deserve! So, whoever the owner is of this stupid company, if you want a real man as your champion you know where to find me. I have an open checkbook and I could make you a very, very rich man.

    The crowd boos as Zach leaves the stage, dollar bills burning all over the ring.
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  2. $100 million? Chump change bro.
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  3. Last time I knew, I was worth $100,000,001.