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  1. After several days of of waiting in the ring for Jwab to accept his challenge, we see Trevor Raynor lying in the ring sleeping, still in his red dress with a full beard.

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  2. wake up trevor rise and shine
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  3. *The lights turn off. A spotlight shows on stage*

    *The titantron is dimmed and the volume is quite low. It seems that Jwab doesn't want to wake up Trevor. He slides out to the top of the stage with the X-Division title around his waste. He tip toes to the ring. He slowly gets in the ring and tip toes to the corner. He whispers to the ref and asks him for a mic. He slowly goes up to Trevor while he is sleeping and yells in his ear*


    *Trevor jumps up from his slumber and stands up*

    You wanna match ole buddy ole pal at Night Of Champions for MY X-Division title?​
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  4. Trevor Raynor takes a moment to wipe the sand out of his eyes and adjust his new beard and hair. He removes the microphone from his crotchal region.

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  5. *Jwab grins*

    Haha! I'm not giving you a title shot. I'm giving someone else a title shot. Someone that deserves it. Someone that I'm going to for sure put on a blockbuster hit to kick off the fall.

    *Jwab smiles while the crowd boos him for declining Trevor's challenge*

    I want Aiden Ryan.

    OOC - @Butters! vs. Jwab m8. That's what is going to happen at Night Of Champions since you told me to kill myself ON MY BIRTHDAY. ​

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  7. The Audience erupts with cheers as the music roars.
    Aiden Ryan slowly comes out from the curtains pointing at himself, still shooken up after his confrontation from DR. Attitude he slowly makes his way down the rampway with the fans reaching their hands out. With Aiden clapping his hand with the attendants he slowly makes his way up the steel steps and looks at the two men in a slight confused manner.

    Awaiting a microphone to be handed to him, he stands infront of both Trevor Raynor And Hollywood Jwab with a serious look upon his face, moments after receiving a microphone he lifts the microphone up and puts on a bright smile.

    "It's nice to see you come to your senses, Jwab. Seeing as you and I both know who's next in line for that championship, it's a nice gesture of you to finally consider me the rightful contender to that championship, and it would only be my honor to take that championship from you whilst you go and cut your next short film with a low budgeting production crew... However, let's not discredit the man standing next to us, winning the championship over some game competition is defiantly the way I want to win and it's about damn time that we add some excitement to that championship. We've seen it all before, the single matches, the one on one blockbusters but how about we blow the roof off of this joint and DEFINE what this division is all about, Unpredictability, high flying, electrifying action, the non stop extreme environment that is the X division. We all have a short history together, but how about at night of champions we make history. I say Trevor deserves a shot at this championship, but do not get my suggestion mistaken, I only want to be able to prove to everyone back there that Aiden Ryan is on top of his game and what a better way to make that statement then by making you two men tap out."

    The Audience splits in reaction to Aiden as he lowers the microphone, with a slight smile growing upon the face of Aiden he backs up to the ropes and rests his left foot on the bottom one, awaiting the response from the champion and considerable the other challenger.

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  8. In other news... TMZ reports that Trevor Raynor has relations to Chris Kaizer.
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